Giving Back

Supporting animal charities is a core value for us at HK. We currently work with a number of local charities and are always keen to help others in need. Please take a look below at those we're currently supporting and get in touch if you feel there's one close to your heart that we could look to help.

In addition to this we have held regular events to raise money for local animals who needed specialist equipment or expensive surgery and again if you know of anyone who could use our support please contact us with the details.

We're delight to say that so far, we've raised over £4,475 for the local animal charities and helped support many local raffles with prize donations.

The local charities that we’re currently supporting are; 

The Mare & Foal Sanctuary

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary rescues horses and ponies that have been abandoned, neglected or abused. Once rescued they rehabilitate and retrain horses and ponies who have experienced neglect and abuse before allowing them to move to foster homes with regular check-ups.

Having already rescued over 1,000 horses and ponies in need they continue to do amazing work across their 6 sanctuaries.

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A couple of their success stories are;



Quest was abandoned with two other ponies. On arrival, he was malnourished and suffering from both internal and external parasites.

It took a long time but, under our care, Quest eventually regained his health and began his ridden training.

Quest’s incredibly calm temperament made him perfect working with our education team on our Equine Assisted Learning programmes.

Through 2018 he was part of a pilot scheme in which a group of young adults worked and spent time with a group of our more people-orientated horses and ponies. The scheme proved invaluable to those young people taking part. However, the welfare of our horses and ponies is always our top priority and we know that our horses and ponies benefit, as much as the people.



Wilma was just 4 months old when she was rescued in 2016, alongside 16 others who were all facing euthanasia. She had already been separated from her dam and due to this traumatic start to life, she became very defensive and often wouldn’t come to her grooms for food. Her behaviour was very unpredictable and we knew she would need a lot of time and patience.

The rehabilitation process for a pony like Wilma is often long. Our experienced grooms develop tailored care plans for every pony we rescue. Since she arrived at the Sanctuary, Wilma has developed a strong bond with groom Lucy, which has been a real turning point for this young pony. Lucy’s calm but bold approach has given Wilma the confidence she needed and the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone knowing she could trust Lucy.

Bramble’s Pet Food Bank Plymouth

Having started in September 2020 they started with the aim of supporting local people who have furry loved ones and are struggling to feed them in these challenging times. They’re still quite a new charity but the work they are already doing is helping so many and they continue to grow from strength to strength.

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Journey’s End Feline Sanctuary

Journey’s End is a sanctuary for elderly/special needs cats, set in a safe environment, cat pen is only used for initial assessment and introduction to resident cats and once assessed any cat ‘coming home’ to Journey’s End is given access to a secure, enclosed garden and is also able to free roam within the residence where they quickly become part of the family.

Sadly far too many older cats and ones with ‘issues’ get abandoned and neglected, struggling to survive on the streets. Journey’s End is their safe haven, where their needs are catered for. Whether it be visual impairments, obvious disabilities or they just need a safe retreat to live their final years, months or weeks being loved and cared for.

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